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Dynamic power to the core, the symmetrical Mentor™ Core was built to produce plenty of positive midlane motion, while also providing a generous amount of recovery and room for error down lane where you need it most.

On the outside you will find our often imitated, never duplicated pearlized MicroTrax coverstock material which features a 100% full load of nano-particles displaced throughout. While the solid form quickly grips the lane and digs in super quickly on heavy oil, the pearlized version retains energy through the front of the lane which translates to stored energy down lane where you need it most.

From its dynamic looks to its dynamic motion, this ball was built to leave a positive and long lasting impression on everyone who comes in contact with it. Bottom line, this ball is a performance powerhouse.

ColorBlack/Electric Green
CoreMentor Core
CoverstockMicroTrax Pearl Reactive
FinishReacta Gloss
Weights10-16 lbs
Flare PotentialHigh


 16 lbs15 lbs14 lbs13 lbs12 lbs11 lbs10 lbs

Duo - Black/Electric Green - RotoGrip

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