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All it takes to start a raging fire is one ember. The Forge Ember is the newest medium-heavy oil performance hybrid from MOTIV bowling. Built to generate more friction than previous hybrids, the Forge Ember combines technology from two very different cover stock systems to deliver a new brand of motion.
Inside the Froge Ember is the Detonator core. It is a stable and strong combination of low RG with high differential. The fast-spinning, low RG provides control while the high differential gives traction and strength. The Detonator is a proven winner on higher volumes of oil.
Encasing the Detonator core is the Infusion MXC Hybrid Reactive cover. As already mentioned, this cover combines two very different shells to provide a unique shape. Traditionally, the most angular motions from MOTIV were generated using the Infusion cover stock system. Conversely, the covers with the MXC distinction were Coercion technology with mid-lane traction and control. When combined, bowlers should see significant traction in the oil with more down lane motion than is normally expected from such a strong cover. More down lane motion means that the Forge Ember will be useful for a longer window during competition than traditional MXC cover stocks that cannot be used from steeper angles.

ColorGrey/Red Pearl, Solid Black
CoverstockInfusion MXC Hybrid Reactive
Finish2000 Grit LSS
Weights12-16 lbs
15# RG2.47
15# Max Diff.055

Forge Embers - Grey/Red Pearl, Solid Black Hybrid - Motiv

$204.99 Regular Price
$194.99Sale Price
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