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Brilliant. Extraordinary. Magnificent. Call it what you will, but we prefer to call this beauty exactly what it is, a GEM™. Not only will its breathtakingly good looks mesmerize your competition, but its overall performance will as well thanks to the inner treasure known as the Defiant™ LRG Core - (the lowest RG asymmetrical core Roto Grip has ever created.) Which means this is by far the fastest revving asymmetrical core we have ever produced. And well, we couldn’t just stop there, so we wrapped this monstrosity of a core with the most aggressive solid coverstock we make known as MicroTrax™ Solid Reactive. Making this ball dazzle on those Heavier Oil Conditions.


Sometimes evolution can spark new life into technology from yesteryear. Such is the case with our latest introduction to the HP4 Line of balls. With recent more in-depth studies of flare migration and core tendencies we circled the wagons back to the Paragon™ Core which was created based on axis planes in order to keep the core in constant motion longer.

Upon further review and testing, we found that by altering the composite of this core, we were able to create the fastest revving, strongest continuing, lowest RG asymmetrical core ever offered from Roto Grip now known as the PARAGON™ LRG CORE.

From there, we wrapped the Paragon LRG Core with our most aggressive coverstock material known as MicroTrax™ Solid Reactive making this the optimum ball choice for anyone and everyone on those heavier oil conditions.

CoreParagon LRG Core
CoverstockMicroTrax Solid Reactive
Finish2000-grit Abralon
Weights12-16 lbs
Flare PotentialHigh
 16 lbs15 lbs14 lbs13 lbs12 lbs
PSA Diff0.0160.0160.0150.0100.008

Gem Solid - Citrine/Ruby/Amethyst - Rotogrip

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