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Since 2016, the Hustle Series of bowling balls has provided outstanding performance well beyond its price tag. Initially created to be our quote unquote "Entry-Level Series", we opted to kick it up a couple notches in terms of overall performance, and boy did we ever. Now granted it took a little while for the series to catch on, the Hustle INK put the bowling world on notice when it delivered the 34th sanctioned 900 Series in bowling history. From that point on, the Hustle Series has become better known for providing the most "bang for your buck."

While the inner Hustle Core has remained the same since day one, it's the different variations of the VTC™ (Versatile Traction Control) Coverstock - Solid, Pearl & Hybrid that have kept this line viable on those Light to Medium Oil conditions for every level of bowler from the first-timers, all the way up to the pros.

ColorMagenta + Midnight
CoreHustle Core
CoverstockVTC Pearl Reactive
FinishReacta Gloss
Weights10-16 lbs
Flare PotentialLow-Medium
Lane ConditionLight to Medium Oil
 16 lbs15 lbs14 lbs13 lbs12 lbs11 lbs10 lbs

Street Date 6/23/2023

Hustle - Magenta/Midnight - Rotogrip

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