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20 piece pack

  • K-MotionTM with Copper InfuzionTM is an innovative kinesiology tape solution for treating & preventing common repetitive injuries such as wrist, forearm, elbow, shoulder, knee pain and more.
  • K-MotionTM is the first tape of its kind with copper infused into a highly elastic synthetic / cotton hybrid material, and has proven highly effective for repetitive motion. Applied correctly, it provides pain relief, increased support and added stability for injured or weakened muscles, delays fatigue and can ease joint soreness. All without sacrificing your comfort or freedom of movement.
  • Benefits of Use:
  •  Relieves pain
  •  Reduces swelling
  •  Supports weak or injured muscles & joints
  •  Prevents or relieves cramps in overused muscles
  •  Shortens recovery time

PBA Registered Product

K-Motion Tape (Copper Infuzion) by Genesis - Pre-Cut Tape - 20/pack

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