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Introducing the Tank Yellowjacket, the ultimate choice for dominating challenging environments. The Tank line is already known for its exceptional control, but the Yellowjacket Tour Edition takes it to the next level with a microcell polymer (MCP) coverstock featuring MOTIV’s new Duramax™ additive. This innovative technology gives you a strong urethane-like shape while being adaptive to finish adjustments.

Featuring Frixion™ Mark 5 Solid MCP coverstock, the Tank Yellowjacket is set apart because it utilizes new Duramax™ technology. It allows the ball to resist lane-shine and hold the finish profile longer. This is especially important on aggressively sanded bowling balls like this one boasting a 1000 Grit LSS finish. Yet, unlike other balls in this performance class, the Tank Yellowjacket is also easily tunable for high friction environments that require a higher finish with more energy retention.

To achieve the desired ball motion for the Tank Yellowjacket, we've carefully selected the Flux core - the ultra-high RG and low differential core that minimizes down-lane motion. This feature empowers you to use cover texture to determine when the ball reads the lane so adjustments can be made accordingly.

Our team at MOTIV has worked tirelessly to engineer a versatile urethane-like shape with a new microcell polymer cover that can be adjusted faster and easier to suit any environment. Whether you're bowling on extreme wet/dry or another challenging condition, the Tank Yellowjacket will give you the control you need to excel on the lanes.

ColorSolid Yellow
CoverstockFrixion M5 Solid
Finish1000 Grit LSS
Weights12-16 lbs
15# RG2.57
15# Max Diff.015

Street Date 7/12/2023

Tank - YellowJacket by Motiv WWR 07/12/2023

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