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Top Thrill Solid

The Top Thrill line from MOTIV is developed for premium performance on dry lanes. The latest additions to the line are the Top Thrill Solid and Hybrid. These two balls were developed for world class performance on dry lanes. While others develop “entry level” bowling balls, MOTIV focuses on premium performance for the varied environments a competitive bowler is likely to encounter.

The Halogen V2 core returns for these two Top Thrills as it is perfect for performance in light oil. It combines a slow-spinning high RG core for easy length and a lower differential to provide 2-3 inches of track flare potential. The moderately low differential allows for a clear progression within the MOTIV product line, stepping down from balls intended for medium-dry lanes.

The Top Thrill Solid uses Turmoil XP2 Solid coverstock to provide easy length, yet also a smooth and continuous motion. Additionally, the finish of the Top Thrill Solid is set with performance in mind. The 4000 Grit LSS finish allows for easy length, but without a violent down lane motion. Control with resin on dry lanes is the purpose of the Top Thrill Solid.


  • Condition Light OIl
  • Weights 10 - 16
  • Core Halogen V2
  • Cover Turmoil XP2 Solid Reactive
  • Finish 4000 Grit LSS
  • #15 RG 2.59 Max Diff 0.023

Street Date 8/9/2023

Top Thrill - Purple/Orange Solid - Motiv WWR 8/9/2023

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