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Prepare to be shocked by the unstoppable force of the MOTIV EVOKE – a ball that refuses to be overlooked. Featuring vibrant colors, a revolutionary new core design, and the next evolution of an already triumphant coverstock system; the EVOKE is here to dominate heavier concentrations of oil.

Introducing the ferocious Overload core, a dynamic asymmetrical marvel engineered to fill a strategic gap in the MOTIV line. What makes this core so special is that it boasts the ability to change the differential with drilling by up to 25%. Some drilling layouts will even lower the differential to help rev dominant bowlers retain energy. No previous MOTIV core could achieve this.

Paired with the Overload core is the new Leverage MXC Solid Reactive coverstock. This cutting-edge shell blends the renowned Leverage coverstock technology from the Black Venom with the aggressive components of the Forge Flare. This combination ensures superior traction in even the most challenging high-oil environments.

This cover features the new cutting-edge DuraMax Technology—an innovative additive meticulously crafted to prevent lane-shine, extending the lifespan of the coverstock. DuraMax technology ensures that the Evoke will consistently maintain its finish at a significantly longer rate without breaking down, refusing to succumb to wear and tear. With DuraMax, the Evoke becomes a beacon of resilience, outlasting expectations and guaranteeing an enduring performance.

  • CONDITION: Medium-Heavy Oil
  • WEIGHTS: 12# - 16#
  • INNER CORE: Overload™ - NEW!
  • COVER STOCK: Leverage™ MXC Solid Reactive
  • FINISH: 2000 Grit LSS
  • 15# RG: 2.48, Max Diff: .050, Int. Diff: .015
  • BALL COLOR: Deep Pink/Lime/Sky Blue Solid
  • NEOMARK: Black Solid

Evoke - Deep Pink/Lime/Sky Blue Solid - Motiv WWR 02/14/2024

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