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Radical is very excited to announce an addition to the Katana line, the Katana Strike. The Katana Strike has an RG of 2.501, a differential of 0.051, and an intermediate differential of 0.020. The Strike, like its predecessor, the Katana Assault, yields a quick response to friction and lots of continuation through the pins.

CoreKatana Assault Asymmetric
CoverstockHK22 - HyperKinetic Hybrid Reactive
Finish500, 1500, 3000 Siaair Micro Pad
Weights14-16 lbs
LevelTop Shelf
 16 lbs15 lbs14 lbs
INT DIFF0.0180.0200.019

WWRD 8/17/2023

Katana Stike - Black/Orange/Smoke - Radical WWR 08/17/23

SKU: RB60106975
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