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THE PERFECT FOLLOW-UP. Trouble Maker was a revolutionary ball featuring the first core designed specifically for no-thumb bowlers. The ball performed incredibly for all styles, even bowlers who use a thumb hole, but no-thumb bowlers saw more versatility from this ball than any other. The Trouble Maker Pearl is the perfect follow-up. By adding HK22 with Inciter Pearl additives, this core and cover combination will be just what every no-thumb bowler needs to combat medium oil.

DEFINED DRILL AREAS EQUAL MORE DRAMATIC RESULTS. The features of the Dualistic core make the Trouble Maker Pearl unique and valuable for “no thumbers.” The Dualistic core is larger than the typical core. It has defined areas built into the design for the two-finger holes to hit specific core parts to change the numbers and reaction more dramatically than a typical core shape. Patent Pending.


CoverstockHk22 Inciter Max Xtreme Pearl Reactive
Finish500, 2000 Siaair/Factory Compound
PerformanceLength with strong backend
Lane ConditionMedium oil
 16 lbs15 lbs14 lbs13 lbs12 lbs

Street Date: 1/25/2024

Trouble Maker Pearl - Black/Blue/Gold - DV8

SKU: DV60108081
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